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BAT Logistics is excited to announce the promotion of Anthony Harder to Customer Service Team Leader.

Anthony has been with BAT for seven years and in that time has been instrumental in helping to foster growth and build relationships both internally and externally. We are proud of the hard work, dedication, passion, and initiative he has demonstrated. Anthony’s knowledge of the business has been vital and will be something BAT continues to lean on as we strive to remain one of the best in our industry.

Congratulations Anthony! We are excited to see where this journey takes you!

Being able to receive real-time visibility on all our in-transit freight via MacroPoint has changed the way we are able to track and manage loads for our customers. As if their service alone wasn’t enough, MacroPoint has launched a sweepstakes to give away $10,000 every month to randomly selected brokers and drivers using their tracking application. BAT Logistics was a lucky recipient of their December drawing and we have chosen to donate our winnings to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thank you to MacroPoint for being a fantastic partner and helping us to better manage our freight every day!

“Not the norm” is definitely the mantra for 2020 and our BAT Christmas party was no exception. Instead of our usual in person gathering, we celebrated with each BAT family getting their own limo and touring around the metro area looking at Christmas lights. After the ride, dinner supplies were passed out and everyone met up on Zoom to learn how to make traditional Italian pizza from local restaurant owner, David Losole of Virtuoso Pizzeria. While we missed celebrating in person, it was nice to still be together (virtually) and make pizzas. Definitely hoping that by next year at this time we will be able to get back to our big Christmas bash!

Throughout the month of the November, BAT gave back in a big way! Fifteen charities benefited from a month long drive which included company donations to each organization, as well as matched employee donations. We are so blessed to be able to give back to our local community and loved spotlighting these charities during our BATsGiving!


In honor of Veteran’s Day, we would like to highlight one of our very own BAT Veterans, Chris!

Chris spent just under four years in the US Army as an MP (Military Police). After finishing Basic and AIT, he attended Airborne school at Fort Benning in GA before heading to his duty station at Fort Bragg, NC. He was quickly deployed to Iraq, where Chris spent just over a year in Mosul. After his return to the US, it was Army business as usual for about a year, and then he received orders to re-deploy back to Iraq.

After his transition period, Chris’ squad was about halfway through their first patrol when their convoy was hit by an IED (roadside bomb). Chris was the turret gunner for their Humvee and sustained substantial wounds from shrapnel/debris during the blast. Had it not been for the great training and leadership of his squad, he truly believes he would not be here today.

After the attack, Chris was medevacked to the local CASH (combat army support hospital) for his initial surgery and care. He was then transported to Landstuhl, Germany for a second procedure to include repair, cleaning and debridement. While Chris was in recovery at Landstuhl he was fortunate enough to meet the President and First Lady Bush as they made rounds visiting with injured servicemembers in the hospital. The following day he was on another flight back to Fort Bragg, NC where he had his third and final surgery, and then continued outpatient care for the next several months. At the conclusion of his outpatient care, Chris was medically separated from the Army.

Pictured here is Chris with his Purple Heart Medal and some of the shrapnel they pulled out during his surgery. All of us at BAT Logistics are so thankful for Chris’ service and are extremely grateful he survived the attack and is here to share his story with us.



Awesome family events are something everyone at BAT looks forward to each summer and fall. This year we had to do a few modifications (thanks COVID) and in place of our summer event we hosted a BAT Family Bingo challenge! Everyone had a blast marking off their Bingo squares and sharing photos with each other. While this in no way compares to our annual Fourth of July party, it definitely helped take the sting out of missing our in person gathering. Check out the video for a few highlights from the challenge!

3PL; BAT Logistics; Transportation; BAT Logistics is proud to announce the promotion of Chet Palmer to National Accounts Team Leader.

Chet has worked very hard throughout his time here at BAT both professionally and personally.? He has proven that is he driven, committed, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his customers, his team, and the entire organization is successful.? Chet has shown he has what it takes to run with this leadership role and is ready to help the team grow as he does.

We are very happy for the growth and development Chet has shown through the years, and we are excited to see what more will come from this new adventure in leadership here at BAT.

Congratulations Chet!

When you think of someone who will strive to learn, grow, work hard, make you laugh, and not take an opportunity for granted, you are probably thinking of Mr. Mike “Breezy” B. Four years ago he walked through the doors straight out of the warehouse and ready to see what transportation was all about . . . today he proudly represents BAT with a level of hard work and confidence that radiates brighter than any forklift light could ever shine. He has taken his time here at BAT to learn just about every role to ensure he can provide the best level of service to all of our customers and carriers. He shares his knowledge with the team, and takes pride in his understanding of the industry and our work. Mike will make sure you never go without the most perfectly timed movie quote, a glimpse of his swagger walk, a giggle because someone stinks (not literally), or a great contribution to a theme day. We are so grateful for the commitment to BAT that Mike has and how he strives to be better year over year. Thanks for being such a strong member of our team Mike, we can’t wait to see what the next four years has in store!

Anthony sat in his interview back in 2013 and shared his fear of bees, his desire to not work outside, and when asked where he saw himself in 5 years answered “in the mirror.” It was about that time that BAT decided this young one could use some grooming but will bring the humor so we’ll take the chance! Little did we know the work we’d have cut out for ourselves, or the joy he would bring through the past seven years. Anthony has grown so much since joining our BAT family. He continues to listen, learn, and make us laugh day in and day out. He is the type of person that is not afraid to challenge the status quo and find a new way to make everyone successful. He’s filled with a fire to be the best, and works daily to reach that level and make sure those around him are doing the same. He’s always available to share his knowledge and continues to be an asset to help the new young ones as they grow too. We know Anthony sees himself in the mirror every day . . . but we see him continuing to grow and leaving a legacy at BAT that far exceeds anything he could have ever imagined. Thanks for being a strong member of our team Anthony!2020-12-18_0003.jpg